Launching September 

Succeed 91


Succeed 91 is the ultimate induction program. We are giving you a product that gives you the know how and accountability to better your health and give you the confidence in the gym environment.


With our ever changing landscape, looking after ourselves is more important then ever with poor health and obesity being identified as big cause for illness, we sat down and thought about what we can do to change this. With gyms now very much having flexible memberships and contracts not being a favourable option, the length of gym memberships have slowly been decreasing. After talking to people about what they need to be successful and what is missing from the industry we came up with SUCCEED 91.


You will receive a coach who looks after you for the first 12 weeks of you being with us. Weekly contact whether it is face to face, over the phone or on zoom (It’s all planned out) you will get training programs and nutrition advice on an individual personalised basis. We will try and remove all of the obstacles that have previously been in your way. 


Along with the individual approach to this there is a group element as well. From our feedback we found that people who aren’t succeeding in the gym don’t realise that they are all having the same issues.


To counteract this and give you a platform where you can meet and talk with like minded people with the same issues, we will also be holding group sessions specifically for people on Succeed 91.


This will be everything  from sitting and talking about food and where you go wrong, HIIT sessions, mental health discussions, technique sessions, mindfulness and many many more.


We are trying changing the way health and fitness is being delivered in gyms and giving you the value you deserve and the tools for you to be the best you can be!

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