We are back baby!!!

Finally lockdown is over and we can get back to looking after ourselves.

Obviously we have been very quiet over the last month but sometimes a break from the noise of life can be a good thing.

We said we were going to open on 3rd December and that's what our lockdown timer was set for but obviously as seems to be the thing with the government and implementing lockdowns/restrictions they aren’t all singing of the same hymn sheet and they have kindly given us an extra day. When it comes to procedures and being “Covid compliant” everything is the same as before so no change there.

From what I understand with the new tougher tiers we are going into, a national lockdown should not happen again. Just so you know, gyms as a whole aren’t included in any restrictions in the new tiers but group exercise and indoor personal training are currently banned in tier 3, so no matter what tier we are in we shouldn’t have to close again......

At the end of the last lockdown we changed our opening times from 24 hours to what we are currently on now. The intention is to now go back to 24 hours before the Xmas period, this is all dependent when an engineer can come out and fit the necessary security measures to do so. When this is booked and confirmed I will update you all so you are aware.

Hopefully we will see you soon ready to smash out a well awaited session.

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