Changes are good sometimes..........!

If you've been in recently you would of definitely seen we've made some changes, had brand new Panatta equipment delivered, given the place a good lick of paint, had a move around of things, Simon Howard has a new permanent studio upstairs. The biggest change of all is the addition of our classes in "The Cage"!

Sam and the team have brought together some great coaches so we can give you as an effective group based exercise platform as we can. The Cage is designed to benefit your cardiovascular fitness, heart health and burn loads of calories. The great thing about the cage is it doesn't matter if you are new to training or have 20 years behind you, the programming is adaptable so you get the most out of the class.

This is all included in our membership along with 24 hour access to all the of the facility. Also don't forget that we still have our Succeed 91 program, this is the ultimate induction. Where as you go to most gyms that offer inductions you maybe see a coach 3 times over a two week period to get you some type of training program, Succeed 91 is 91 days (12 weeks) of contact with a coach to give you accountability, create habits and give you a program that you enjoy and most importantly you are consistent with!

If either or both of these programs ring bells with you then go click here and grab a free trial or give us a call for a chat!

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